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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


A question use to arise in my mind that why people hate Pakistani people? & the latest controversy of Shahrukh khan & Shiv sena just open it for debate. but before start i want to tell you that i too hate Pakistan but hate Pakistani government & ISI not the Pakistani people. what is fault of them? even Pakistani people are victim of terrorism,in every 3-4 days there are bomb blast in Pakistan & many Pakistani people lose their is all fault of Pakistani government & secret agency ISI,they are responsible for terror in Pakistan.
Main problem in Pakistan is that there are no democracy & some corrupt politicians stimulate Pakistani people's feeling by spreading wrong information about Kashmir. they claim that in India muslim & kashmiri treated inhumanely,that is totally wrong. I think some Indian regional parties like shiv sena & MNS also doing same thing in india.they provoke people on the bases of language,cast,state etc. about 70% population is illiterate in india & Pakistan that is the most reason that they can't understand their politics. just see example of Thackeray family in Mumbai,they send their child in Bombay Scottish school(international english medium school) & they guiding to all Marathi people that send your child in Marathi medium school.why?? do you think Marathi people or any people can go ahead by learning only Marathi is good to learn regional language but if they want globalist & want to catch all the global people then they must have to learn global language that is English. Politics on the bases of language & region is very ironic. i think we must walk on the way of mahatma Gandhi, peace is the best solution for all human beings. fights & war is not solution for anything.we must unite for development of country. if you go in any white skin people's country then you will find that all Indian,Pakistani,Sri Lankan,Bangladesi,Nepali are united against this white skin people,then why can't we unite here? i think India & Pakistan must join once again.
Parting people is totally & entertainment is the best option to join the indo-pak people so we must encourage people in this direction.shahrukh khan is absolutely correct that it will be good if we take Pakistani players too in IPL-3. Shiv Sena just want dirty politics not public are claver & more aware about good & dirty politics. "MY NAME IS KHAN" Movie release is the best example of it.public give tight slap to the politicians who think that mumbaiker are dumb. Well done mumbai.if anyone want to hate then hate pakistani government& ISI not pakistani people. JAI HIND,JAI MAHARASTRA.

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