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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Finally Bubble of global warming burst out

Summer passed & monsoon entered in Mumbai :) summer was not hot this time, I remember from last few years all people shouting about global warming finally come to rest. the truth was completely different. Many scientist & politicians was trying to make money by creating hoax. Let me explain you that earth atmosphere not remain constant but it changing time to time. Thousand years ago Himalaya was tethys sea, Himalaya formed due to Indian plate is moving on north side. About million years ago all the 7 continents are attached with each other,it called as pangea. earth climate change constantly, as in every 24 hours there are day & night & in 12 months climate change from winter to summer to rainy season same thing happen in million years when earth go from ice age to Interglacial age.its climate changing because it happening from million of years, no one can stop it as no one can stop day & night & rotation of earth.

I remember last year when a news channel showing report that Delhi temperature break record of about 52 years, maximum temperature recorded about 45 C. due to industrialization & global warming. really it is hilarious news let me tell you that if global is worming due to industrialization then what happened before 52 years ago(about 1958) when the temperature also 44 c.,that time there was no big industries present & carbon emission also low. it is correct that carbon emission effect on climate change but you know most carbon emission take place due to fire in forest. on this earth about 60% carbon emission because of fire in forest, no one can stop it. everyone blaming carbon dioxide for global worming but you know if carbon dioxide will decrease in composition on earth then there will be about -30 to -50 c. temperature on earth,no one can live on this cold temperature. Carbon dioxide composition on this earth is only 0.039%. it is essential for earth to create green house effect.

Earth is warming because earth is changing its climate, it changing from ice age to interglacial age. Human are just helping it in changing its climate fast by emitting large amount of green house effecting gases :)

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