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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Please,Stop India howling about jan lokpal bill.anna hazare is only a puppet. He is only showing us sweet dreams.

First let me tell you anna hazare is good person & really he want to stop corruption but is it possible jan lokpal bill will stop corruption? Answer is NO,there are many organization in India which was made for fight against corruption like CBI,ANTI CORRUPTION BUREAU but they failed to stop corruption because they are under control of politicians & some corrupt bodies. If lokpal bill will pass then corruption will down for only max. 1 or 2 years after then some strongest corrupt groups will snatch lokpal chair & all the honest people will be kicked out or silent by their money power.
Actually we don’t need to make many organizations to wipe out corruption but only one organization like CBI or ANTI CORRUPTION BUREAU is sufficient to stop corruption if it is in good hand & no any political pressure on these organizations. Anna hazare is only puppet of some people. Team behind him is actually want power so please India stop saying that “me anna hazare”. Please stop to live in someone else life. God especially made you for this world, give you some brain for sense, please use your own brain use your own name please don’t use anna hazare name & brain. Look matters from your point of view. Anna hazare doing it because it is good for his team but is it really good for you? Of course not because corruption can’t stop till we not awake, even building many organization will cease India’s growth as every department will interfere in other department & building many organization will increase expanse too. So please live your own life, proudly present yourself don’t be puppet of anyone.
We have not to do anything to stop corruption, if we stop poverty, illiteracy & injustice then corruption will automatically vanish from India. Neither I nor you can stop corruption. no one can stop corruption, no anna hazare,no manmohan singh,no rahul Gandhi,no advani,no congress,no bjp,no lokpal,no prime minister, no president, NO,NO,NO,… no one can stop corruption till we not aware about our rights & our duty for country. Our leaders always show us wrong path.
Go in flash back when vasco da gama discovered sea route of India, in that period of time our ancestors was harassing by kings,nijams,mughals after establishing east India company we dreamed that British will solve our all troubles but they even multiply our problems after 1947 we again dreamed that we are now a democratic country & we escaped from wrong hands but again we was wrong we are now in the jaw of devils. We again dreaming that lokpal will solve all our problems but we are 100 % wrong. Nothing will happen to India till we don’t use our own mind & not awake against poverty, illiteracy, injustice etc. It is good to see that we united against corruption but it is only beginning of our journey, we need to travel more, it is only beginning……


  1. Well Said. Theodore

  2. Dear friend, CBI and ANTI CORRUPTION BUREAU are under govt. control while lokpal would be a separate body like election commission or supream courte. You see EC and SC have credibility (atleast 80% if not 100%). If EC was under govt control ruling party would never lose election; which is not the case. counting of vote is fair although casting of vote may not be. So In short thirt party bodies are must to watch any system. Look how free media have some level of control over these polititions/criminals. Remember how Manu sharma was semtenced because of media pressure. In pakistan it can never happen as media is not free. Media, EC, Supream courte are an asset for India and Lokpal would add one more to it. Its take time for system to change but only by small small steps. So support this bill... it will only cause good for country. There are so many good people in India who behave bad because system do not support them. Look how RTI is used? 2G scam, common welth scam are all came out because RTI was used extencivly by media. Illness can not solve illness. So Strenth is the need of time.

  3. It is what I exactly saying, we need a organization which will free from all the political pressure. we already have many organization like cbi, anti-corruption bureau, why don’t we change law in this organization for transparency, if we change enough in these organization then we don’t need to make any other organization. we don’t need lokpal, if lokpal is necessary for prevent corruption then we must close other organization which meant to made for stop corruption.

  4. dear Freind Azad, 1) as you said lokpal bill alone will not stop corruptin..101% true...But having strong law for anything is better than having nothing. So be positive.
    2) you doubted,some corrupt people will snatch chair of ombudsman(lokpal) and will trouble honest people. alright,but this is what Annaji Hazare says,be united and fight against corrupt. What is wrong ,if public realises the
    strength of unity.Annaji is showing right path to nation.This is what democracy is about, being united and fight for people of India. The real culprits are our Netaji who wants to enjoy public money without going jail. Please think over it.

    3)what is democracy? things should happen as majority says. right? when majority is asking for strong law in india,why only few hundred people(including our MPs) resist for it. Are we living in democratic country?

    don't feel bad, it may be your personal opinion(democracy well permits that) but i wonder when few people speaks against annaji.