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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Beware to fraud Telecom Companies like Airtel, they are connected to your pockets. “AIRTEL- CONNECT TO YOUR POCKET.”

Yesterday I shocked to see that my 100 rs. Balance down to 4 rs. When I asked on their help line no.121(it is disgusting that airtel even charge you to call on their helpline no.) they told me that I had activated some services, I shocked as I never ever requested for this services, they automatic activated four services on my phone without my permission. Every morning I get some sluggish jokes or news messages from airtel, I used to ignore it that it is advertisement but I was wrong they actually charging me for that :(  I think first they activate one service but when they find that I am not aware about their strategy (strategy is to rob people) they activate 4 lethargic services & the each service reducing my balance 10 rs. For 10 days. I don’t check my balance regularly so they capture this opportunity.
 I am alerting to all the people & my friends beware about telecom companies if you are getting any lethargic jokes or messages from Telecom Company, they will sure reducing your balance. I find Airtel is the biggest fraud company it is even charging you to call on their customer care number. Astonishingly they showing ads- “Airtel- connect to your friends”, I think their slogan must be- “AIRTEL- CONNECT TO YOUR POCKET.”

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  1. Hurrah! Justice has been done, Airtel restore my balance. Today they send me mail confirming error & apologize for their mistake. The question is not about 100 rs but the question is about justice. I send Airtel complain to TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) & Indian media. It is actually a scam, I requesting to all people that fight for your rights in India. Only you can stop corruption not anna hazare team or politician can. It is your strength that you are a common man of india.