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Sunday, 11 September 2011

It is crucial for the entire world that America remain superpower nation, it is excellent that a democratic country leading the world.

We must admit that at the present there are no alternative of USA & it is pleasant that USA leading all the nations. I don’t find china or Russia is better alternative, China has very much aggressive policy toward its neighbor & rival countries. China can any time create third world war type situation for its personal benefit. USA is most excellent choice for the peace on earth. Some Islamic terrorist instigating Muslim community against USA but sure they will never succeed in their operation. India must drift more toward America. American presence in Asia is advantageous for India if India perfectly utilize this opportunity. Some American agencies performing marvelous effort for human race like NASA. America is necessary to eliminate terrorists group from globe. 9/11 disaster proved that how much terrorist groups are precarious, Now terrorism is biggest global problem & only some powerful countries like America can resolve this problem by putting pressure on the nations that encouraging it, so we must united against terrorism & cheerfully welcome the presence & superpower of USA.


  1. Terrorism is a global problem, and the world must work together to fight it.


  2. there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism or muslim terrorist. you don't know what you re talking about. You shouldn't write about serious stuff that you have no idea and poison people with your misinformation...

  3. Dear,I have no intention to hurt anyone. I want to say that some people on earth actually want to take advantage by representing themselves as savior of religion.they actually want to get advantage of public sentiments, some Islamic extremist like osama bin laden, Zaki-ur-Rehman lakhvi, they provoke public. I didn’t say that Islamic extremist belong to any religion. I am saying that extremist have no religion. Extremists are like terrorist that terrify public & common man.