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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Joke of the millennium – Baba Ramdev & Team Anna Hazare promising Indian public that they will fetch money from swiss bank,if they come in power.

Indian public is so much emotional that some wicked people play with their emotions, we all knows that Indian people are frustrated by corruption in India so some people try to get benefit by this burning issue & want immense power by convincing people that they will change India but unfortunately they only want power by spreading rumors in India. let me explain you that swiss bank policy toward their account holder is so much strict that only few senior bank officers of swiss bank know about the numbered accounts(this type accounts are afforded an extra degree of privacy).even European union failed to fetch details of swiss bank client then tell me how will baba ramdev & team anna will even get information of Indian clients in swiss bank just forget about fetch that money from bank account.will they buy swiss bank to get details???? :P they only making Indian people fool. let me explain you just suppose if you have black money in your account & I want to disclose it in public then how can I disclose it if the bank will not give details about you & you deny to have any bank account. It is impossible to even disclose about how much black money you have.
You know why is it impossible to get details of Swiss bank account because most powerful person on this earth have secret accounts in this bank, I think from bush to musharraf all have secret account in this bank, they only assure their citizens that they will find details but they actually don’t want to reveal secret & alter swiss bank policy.
Indian public are so much dumb, fool & emotional that during election time some corrupt politicians getting their vote by promising them to fulfill all their wises & every time they cheat them, if baba ramdev really want to serve Indian public then why don’t he donate his 1200 cr assets to poor people?
 I requesting to all Indian youth, ladies & gentlemen & responsible citizen of India please don’t fall pray of this power starving people, please don’t be a mindless creature think from your cool mind. Corruption is a disease & it is so much powerful that it can catch any honest person if he is in power. Giving lokpal much power can harm our democracy. If our MLA,MP are corrupt that is only because of us as we choose corrupt person but we have right that next time we can choose good one but lokpal will select by civil society tell me India will you have power to choose lokpal????????........             Jai Hind.

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