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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Please God Help me.I want to do some good work for the entire civilizations

 Going to Shirdi tonight, will confess to God “please forgive me God, I failed to live up to your expectations. You give me so much talent but I can’t utilize my talent accurately to serve for human kind. From beginning of my life I did not realize my abilities but when I realized it was too late. I waste my time so waste my talent. Now it is too late but please god, give me at least single opportunity to let realize the world who am I, I want to serve something for human kind which will inspire the whole human race. sometimes I find you didn’t made me for this Donkeyland or may be I am in different society where most are just mindless creatures, wishing always that someday my alien brothers will come in UFOs & free me from this earth’s jail :).I always fascinate about universe & find that earth is very small, I am perfect for universe not for small earth. If really there is any time machine then I want to go back. I didn’t utilize my talent properly & waste your hard work. Please God, give me a single opportunity. I want to do some good work for the entire civilizations, please help me.”

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