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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Search for alien life....

The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is scheduled to launch on 25 Nov. 2011. Very high expectations from this rover. I like its design. I was eagerly waiting for its launch. It will reach on mars in august 2012. Another mission I am eagerly waiting is Europa Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) but it will launch around 2020 :( it is sad full that NASA not showing much interest in europa. If there are any place in our solar system where we can find some complex form of life then I think it is only europa. Europa has maximum probabilities to have evolved living organism, there are liquid water & volcanic activities underneath its surface & it has oxygen rich atmosphere.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Who can be a BJP best candidate for PM- Advani or Modi? I think no one :)

No extremist can ever be a good leader whatever if he is a Hindu extremist or a Islamic extremist. Mr. Narendra modi who representing himself as Hindu extremist leader is actually on wrong path. If he really considering himself as candidate for future prime minister of India then first he must change his mindset. First he must think about India & Indian public no matter if they belong to any religion. I think Advani is more secular then Modi. Most important reason of BJP failure is that they can’t symbolize themselves as an Indian party, Most BJP leaders & its alliance parties showing themselves as Hindu leader & have anti-Islamic vision. I am Hindu but I never assumed that a Hindu extremist can ever be a good prime minister even he will dangerous for religious & cultural harmony in India. A person can be bad but not his religion. Many scientist, freedom fighters & activist are Muslim. Religions never teach us to hate anyone, every religion show us path of peace & humanity. We must walk on that way.