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Thursday, 16 February 2012


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 Recently I visited with my few relatives to a remote Indian village name poshana for some religious ceremony (temple pran prathistha mahotsav). I find there one complex answer about India that why is India not developing simultaneously? We are about 125 crore(1.25 billion) people but still we are not where, where we must be. Why is India having highest illiterate ratio? Why is most of Indian public living below poverty line? Why have India highest crime cases? Why crime against old age people & woman high & female feticides is highest in India? Why are we far behind in all games? India is 2nd most populated country in the world but India only wins one or 2 medals in Olympics & some small countries that have half population of any Indian metropolitan city win at least 2 digits gold medals. I think we are not getting proper training to let our talent come out. We have ability to outshine other nations in every field if given proper chance.  I think most Indian assume cricket is most important game & other games are useless & it will be acceptable if there are no good school, collage or hospital but temple is needed for every Indian street. Is it correct? It is most important question as recently BJP announced in UP elections that they will make biggest ram temple if they come in power. My question is why no one talk about building world class educational institutes. most politicians & people spend money on useless issues like mayawati spend about 1000 cror(100000 million) on building a statue park. In ancient time people arrive from different countries to India for learning. Indian institutes like takshila,nalanda was most famous but now Indian students have to go abroad for high class education, who is responsible for this big change?
Before starting anything let me explain you about that village & my journey to that village. poshana is a small village, nearby railway link is bhinmal that is about 50 km. no good transportation to reach in the village except some old buses, roads are in bad condition. It has hardly a school, hardly meaning the school has only 1 or 2 teachers & students learning outside of their school as there are no light & not good rooms inside so they sit outside of their school. Someone donate this school & forgot after then to maintain it. No collage nearby so I think most student left their study after completing ssc. My journey from Mumbai to this village was little terrible as there was extremely cold weather, our train was late about 6 hours & a cab which we hired to reach in village was stop in middle of the route so we have to spend about 1 hour on road to find another cab. Finally we reached in village, the place where temple ceremony was performing was well decorated & the food was delicious. Over all event was good except some volunteer, they were rude & there was some kind of mismanagement at some occasions. But the unfortunate thing I seen was the original dweller of poshana village were throw out from event.
 The ceremony organizers calling this event for the poshana village, the announcer all time saying “padaro sa,padaro sa”(welcome,welcome) but unfortunately the ceremony was only a drama to show off their money. All the organizers are actually NRI :) of the poshana village most of them are dwelling in metropolitan city like mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. Their ancient ancestors were dwelling in poshana village so they came here to show up their money. I find that some village kids were excitedly watching outside of the entry gate that what was going on inside but the watchman was not allowing them to go inside. The decoration was ordinary as most metro city inhabitants are familiar with this type of decoration but it was completely new & amazing for the actual poshana people who living there. They were very much excited that what is going on in their village & want to see decoration inside but the organizers not allowing them to see the decorations. They alerting & shouting on watchman - “in pauoo ko ander mat aane do,inko bhagao yaha se”(throw out this pauas(slang language for local poshana public) from this place). I was little amused as if the original poshana inhabitants are paua then the organizers are also paua as both had same ancestors. It is very much disappointing as there were many kids & they just want to see decoration inside. All kids were disappointingly watching event outside from entry gate hoping that if they would be allowed to see the event inside. The situation was totally disappointing, shameful & inhuman. The ironic thing is that some straying dogs were straying inside. What a shameful example showing by event organizers as a dog can enter in their ceremony but the common public & small kids who is actually dweller of poshana can’t permit inside to see the event.
  This is true India, many Indians have same philosophy, they only want to show their money in public by inhuman way. The organizers were boasting that they collected about 60-70 crore rupees(600-700 million rupees) to make temple in poshana & about 10 crore(100 million) spend on building temple & ceremony. It is little shocking as the village has no good hospital. No good school or collage, no good transportations, no good infrastructures then why did they not spend money on these fundamental amenities & spent money on only building a temple? The Posana village is no exception but some days ago some people spend 350-400 crore(3500-4000 million) in bhinmal also to build up a temple(72 jinalay mandir). 

 My question is to the entire intelligent creature on this earth that why we spend crore of rupees on building religious places but we never spend so much amount on building some good institution in our native places. I think one or two decent temple is enough in town instead of Building 100 temple on the location. Building 100 temples in village will not make difference in your village but if you build one world-class school,collage,hospital or institution that will make difference in the whole area. Why can’t we leave religions behind & spend money on human beings? We need to come out from spiritual world & consider about the real world.
 Some of our Indian villagers are brilliant, if you think that villagers are not talented then check this photo

many woman in Rajasthan village carry about 50 kg. Weight on their head & walk 20-30 km daily. They are perfect athletes; I think if we can provide them good training then they can break all records of weight lifting. Indian woman need to be proper educated. Some people shouts we need to modernize& empower the Indian woman but this is untrue. I think Indian woman is already powerful they merely need to be give proper respect & correct place in our society. People have wrong conception about modern. Wearing western outfits & skirts or smoking cigarette or drinking alcohol is not sign of modern. Modern meaning who is proper educated, talk sincerely & have being human feelings.
 India is behind because we are focusing only on show up of our religion; we are not caring about education. There are many talents hiding inside India but we can’t drag them from the herd. Talented people are not getting high class training & not getting opportunities. Many people think that it is government job to open world-class institutions in all villages but it is also not true. Government run by public funds even political parties are running by public & corporate funds.  Rich dwellers of the village have high level of responsibilities to resolve problems of their village. Most of Indian village inhabitants donate their money to build religious places but not have deep interest in building some places that can serve the local public & can improve condition of their village. Why people not taking interest in building world-class institutes & hospitals. Some people who donate money for building schools or collages went useless as very soon the unmaintained premises convert into dak bungalows. i think Indian government need to alter some rules & must give more tax exemption to build world class institutions.
 Our village people are starving from hunger, they have no source to get proper education, they have no qualitative hospital where they can treat their health, they have no good institutes where they can acquire proper training & find good jobs but we are building only temples. Tell me who is responsible for India’s poverty?

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