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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Indian Politicians want to ban on social networking sites like Facebook & twitter.

Hey! A strange & dishonest remark on social networking sites by some of our Indian politicians. Mr. Ramgopal Yadav from SP suggest in parliament that we must ban on social networking sites like facebook & twitter because it spreading rumor 
about “Assam riot”. It is totally intolerable to blame on facebook & twitter. I think rumors never spread by social networking sites because mostly educated people surf on internet & they never believe & support senseless, baseless rumors. Spreading rumors is uneducated morons’ occupation. If you remember a biggest rumor spread that Ganpati’s idol drinking milk on 1995. People waste about million litters of milk, no social networking sites ever come in origin till 1995. I think Social networking sites are not working as a rumor spreading machine but it is a medium to express common man feelings on currant event. Many politicians are frustrated by social networking sites because first time ever all religion, all caste and all state people come in one roof to fight against corruption. Internet gives a new definition on freedom of common man. If our government ever considers banning on social networking sites, we must unite & protest against their decision. They will go further if we not stop them now. Most parliamentary members are involve in big scams, what will happen if Indian public question that most scams happen by members of parliament so ban the parliament to save India. I think as a parliament is necessary to advance the India same as social networking sites are necessary to express public opinion. Social networking sites are real strength of common public, banning on the social sites is like banning on “freedom of expression” right. Whatever religion of anyone, all the Indians are one. Indian enemies are trying to divide all Indians but they will never succeed in their operation. “kitne baaju kitne sar ginle dushman dhyaan se haarega woh har baazi jab khelein ham jee-jaan se”. Jai Hind.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Whenever anyone greet on 15 August “Happy independence day”; a pain burst out in my heart. Did we really get freedom? If you are celebrity or belong to rich family, it is fine but if you are common man then it is “Unhappy Independence Day” 
for you. I think a common man did not get freedom. “PAHLE ANGREJ RAJ THA AB JUNGLE RAJ HAI”. We waste our freedom fighters sacrifice. They did not fight & sacrifices their life for today scenario but they fight to dream that our next generation will get justice which they didn’t get. If you are celebrity or your father have money power you can do anything whatever you want, in India you can never get justice but you have to buy justice. Neither anna hazare,baba ramdev nor any politician or political party can change our India. Only we “a common man” can change India. I like this “Rang De Basanati” movie last scene very much, listen music at 1.14, it is heart touching & dialogue "Zindagi jeene ke do hi tarike hote hain. Ek joh ho raha hai hone do. Bardast karte raho. Ya phir zimedari uthao usse badalne ki. Koi desh perfect nahi hota,use perfect banana padta hai" read one hindi article also here-