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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Incredible India.. Where a girl is neither safe inside a womb, nor outside it

Incredible India.. Where a girl is neither safe inside a womb, nor outside it
Salute to the brave lady of India. Today I am feeling very shameful to being a part in a male dominant society. Most men in India disrespect women. Woman never gets a higher place in our society, every time females suppressed by the devil philosophy. Woman is another name of sacrifice. The brave lady didn’t fight for herself but she fight for every women in India. She did fight against the people who think woman as an object. But disappointingly she lost her battle in male dominant society. Is this India? Instead of rise voice to punish criminals some people start arguing about woman freedom that they must not come out from house at night or not wear western outfits. Shameful thought of shameful people. Is it crime in India to be a woman? What did woman wrong that male dominant society want to snatch all rights from her? It is the worst day for male dominant society. For protest I am changing my facebook image to a black doted image. Great honor to young brave lady.
She didn't die of a 'multi organ failure' but by a 'MultiSystemFai­lure'
If the girl was sent to Singapore for 'better' treatment, the rapists should be sent to Saudi for better justice
No need for tear gas today, Delhi Police. We have enough tears in our eyes already. Pls let us mourn in peace.
 Might be our education system is making good engineers, good doctors BUT need for good human being is required most.

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