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Monday, 6 May 2013


Traders in Maharashtra is shutting shops against LBT(Local Body Tax). i think shutting shops will not impact on corrupt government. we must block roads & disturb the route of minister's car. Let the police come & strike with sticks on our forehead, but we will not take our steps back. There must be bloodbath to hear our voice throughout the country. Only closing shops & writing on facebook and social media will not find any solution. We need a permanent solution even if you close your shop for 365 days, then too government will not awake as the government have many sources of income. Frightening common innocent people to shut their Shop for infinite time will not give any solution. If we want to eradicate the problem, then we must catch the problem from root. Ask the government increasing taxes will not increase Revenue as the heavy-duty always invite to heavy corruption. If you increase tax, then only few people will pay tax honestly & most people will give bribe to avoid Pay heavy tax. If you see Singapore it is about half size of mumbai, but this country is ranking 3 in top Richest countries list for 2013 according to highest per capital income basis Read More at & amazing fact about Singapore that there are no other tax except GST that is about 7% & even low for tourist about 2% (giving 5% refund on airport). This country has strongest economy only imposing 7% tax on their people & amusingly the Indian government that imposed 100 kinds of taxes on common people, but still find fund problem to run the governance smoothly. The fact is that Indian government not want to make Indian public honest because if the public will honest, then how will the politician will make money? The Indian politicians want to corrupt common people so that no one can raise voice against the corrupt politicians. Increase taxes will not increase revenue, but it will invite more corruption.

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