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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Upcoming Bollywood Hindi Feature Film "AA JAO PLEASE"(आ जाओ प्लीज)

Watch Upcoming Hot Film "AA JAO PLEASE" Trailer
"AA JAO PLEASE"("आ जाओ प्लीज")(English working title was "COME BACK PLEASE) Feature Film is a 2016 Social Drama film Produced, directed and written by Azad Jain in the banner of "Growing Child Production House". It stars Ganraj Jadhav as lead Actor. Film is on Father-Son relationship and also about working of some God-man and God-woman in India.

Azad Jain, Growing Child Production House, Mumbai

Film Synopsis: 
Film is on Son-Father relationship and also about Working of Some Godman and Godwoman (Tantrik) in India. It is a eye opening Film that explain how people take advantage of your emotions while you tangled in the difficult situation. people play with your emotions when you stuck in trouble. FILM HAS "NO HORROR" THEME but it is on emotional drama Genre.
Presented by Azad Jain, Growing Child Production House
Producer,Director,Writer,Editor- Azad Jain, 
Cinematographer- Niraj Panchariya, 
Creative Unit- Vishal G. Mate, Viren Arya, 
Make-up Artists- Ajay Prajapati, Sunil Kashyap
Ganraj Jadhav as Karan, 
Prashant Naik as Sharmaji, 
Madhukar appa Pawar as Shiv Kumar, 
Usha Naik as Kaamini Bhopi, 
Manu Srivastava as Baba Bangali, 
Dipak Khetiya as Monti, 
Azhar Shaikh as Vikash, 
Darshan Sanghvi as Neuton, 
Abhilasha Rajpoot as Abhilasha, 
Neha Chauhan as Neha(GF), 
Girish Prajapat as Thakur Chail Singh, 

Jaldhar as Jaldhar

"Aa Jao Please""आ जाओ प्लीज" Film Trailer

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